I believe everyone has the potential to access healing with the right support and resources. I teach restorative yoga, therapeutically-focused yoga and yoga for youth. I offer personalized yoga sessions for individuals and small groups, as well as consulting on integrating mindfulness and trauma-informed practices into your community.

I am a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, with a 300 Hour advanced certification in therapeutically focused yoga from the Niroga Institute. I am currently earning my Masters in Social Work from CSU-East Bay to expand my therapeutic offerings.


What students are saying:

“I tried out a number of yoga studios in the Bay Area and I come back again and again - thanks to Josephine Kelly. She has an amazing spirit and style; I am constantly learning about yoga techniques, a deeper spiritual practice and even myself. She is exactly what I need after a stressful day right before I hit the hay. I find myself going to yoga more because of her and never want to skip.” -CT, Oakland

“She's great! Nice balance of meditation and physical, good transitions between warming up, more active phase, balance and floor work. Humor, sweetness, calm, just all of it!  She's a keeper.” -AMP, El Cerrito

"I was better able to understand each pose and figure out how to use the props to help me get into my best version of the pose. Adding more each week helped me gain confidence in the ones I’d learned earlier and not get too overwhelmed learning new things. Josephine sets a great tone of 'start where you are' for executing the poses, and keeps the focus on breathing and the bigger picture of what yoga has to offer." -KB, El Cerrito