Deep Rest: Restorative Yoga for Pain + Tension Relief

Restorative Yoga.png

Restorative Yoga is a healing practice that helps restore balance to your nervous system. It is gentle, meditative yoga that uses plenty of pillows and blankets to help you experience deep relaxation while you lounge in comfortable, fully supported yoga poses.

In this workshop, you will receive mindfulness-based pain + stress management tools that include guided relaxation, self-soothing breathing techniques, and gentle stretching.

Class begins with a discussion portion that explores the physiological responses of stress and pain to offer you a better understanding of chronic stress and how to effectively manage it. Then we will move into a gentle, accessible yoga practice that uses therapeutic and restorative approaches to help you find comfort and ease in your body. With these approaches, the idea is to begin to retrain your brain to experience less pain and tension by shifting harmful thinking patterns into restorative habits.

My intention is that you will leave this workshop feeling relaxed and nourished on a holistic level.

*please note I am not a medical practitioner and nothing in this workshop should replace medical advice*

When: May 11th 2-4pm

Where: Emeryville Yoga Therapy Center

Reciprocity: $35 Early bird before May 1st / $45 after